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Founded in 1994, Community Care Associates provides adult/elder care management and consulting services for families struggling to find solutions to their loved one's decreasing independence and to manage their needs in a safe and successful way.

As independent care managers, who possess master's degrees in either nursing or social work health care professions, our team is skilled in providing guidance and direction to those who are seeking objective, non-biased guidance. We are also highly skilled in communicating with compromised individuals about their losses while preserving their dignity and promoting their desired autonomy to the degree they are able.

An independent care manager is vital to maintaining a non-biased, objective assessment and plan of care. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY OF THE SERVICES WE RECOMMEND. For over 20 years, we have prided ourselves in avoiding this potential conflict of interest and continuously monitor the caregiving and residential services within the community to assure that our recommendations are safe and meet the quality standards so desired. Because we are an independent care management company, we are confident that our recommendations are just right for your unique situation. We believe this is the reason we have so many attorneys, judges, physicians and other professionals in our community recommending our services. You can trust our unbiased assessments and recommendations which are specific to maximizing independence while addressing safety and security.

Why Choose Community Care Associates?

  • Our professionals are local experts and creative problem solvers.
  • We have no value-laden agenda. We are unbiased and independent.
  • We show respect to our clients and include them in the decision-making process to the extent of their abilities.
  • We always seek the least intrusive, least restrictive solutions.
  • We believe that there is always more than one solution to resolve the present dilemma.
  • We are cautious about spending your hard-earned money.

Why work with an Independent Care Manager?

Initially, families employ care managers for an initial assessment and plan of care. The result is an unbiased and accurate perspective on their loved one's needs. Many families (especially those who live a great distance from their aging parent or relative) hire an Independent Care Manager on an on-going basis to oversee the plan allowing rapid responce to issues.

The services of a care manager can save a family stress by providing expertise in resolving complex issues. The care manager can also offer cost-effective solutions that save money. If the family is experiencing this journey for the first time they find that navigating these uncharted waters is extremely stressful and frustrating. We have helped hundreds of families over the years to make this journey more positive. Care managers have extensive knowledge of the complex healthcare world, financial and relationship issues, local resources and the needs a compromised adult has to maximize their independence while accepting help.

Our individualized flexible care plans are based on the need and desires of the client and family members.

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