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Who We Are

  • We are advance practice nurses and social work professionals.
  • We are experts in chronic physical and cognitive illness, the aging process and its challenges.
  • We are experts in providing guidance that honors independence while promoting safety.
  • We are experts in navigating our complex health and social care systems.

What We Can Do

  • Determine our client's specific goals relative to the present and future situations.
  • Identify strengths, losses, challenges and financial situation.
  • Anticipate further compromises to safety and wellbeing.
  • Assist in implementing solutions, if requested.
  • Track changes and revise the plan as needed to prevent unnecessary losses of independence.
  • Provide advice to family members about their role in decision-making.
  • Provide guidance to the client in communicating with family members about concerns.
  • Provide direction in maximizing available resources for long term availability.
  • Counsel family members in managing chronic illness and implementing plans to respond to the challenges which will occur.
  • Guide family system in maintaining open lines of communication.
  • Recommend ethical and cost conscious attorneys and financial planners, if needed.

Our Services

  • Conduct comprehensive assessment which includes client's medical, psychological and social history as well as cognitive abilities and functional and emotional status. We assess strengths and losses and determine current effectiveness of existing support systems in place. We evaluate basic financial resources to determine available budget for services needed.
  • Develop a care plan addressing short and long-term goals. We anticipate long range issues along with current needs.
  • We can implement and monitor the care plan and coordinate services to assure seamless service provision, if requested.
  • Assist with placement if client is no longer to remain in own home.
  • Serve as an advocate and liaison between client and family as requested.
  • Coordinate medical appointments and manage medical information. Accompany client to appointments and serve as eyes and ears for family as requested.
  • Provide personal counseling to assist client in transitioning to another living situation, to address medical issues, anxiety, and issues of grief and loss.
  • Proactively seek solutions for problems before or as soon as they arise to minimize crises.
  • Guide families in decision-making to minimize conflict among members and/or client.
  • Provide education/guidance as needed to promote knowledgeable, well informed clients and families.

Our Commitment

We adhere to our professional Code of Ethics and practice client-centered approaches in all deliberations.
Personal - The client/family system has one specific Independent Care Manager. The client and family are able to build a professional relationship with one individual and count on her being available for issues and guidance.
Problem-solving - We listen to the needs of the client and family and come up with creative solutions to the identified issues. Initially, the compromised client may be resistant to our interventions. We help families solve the problem of persuading the prospective client to meet with us. By looking at the issues from the compromised person's point of view, we are generally able to persuade the person to meet with us.
Available - A care manager is on-call whenever the office is closed thereby assuring questions or emergencies are appropriately handled.
Compassion – We will always treat you with respect and dignity. We listen with kindness and objectivity.
Honesty/Integrity - Our services are non-biased with no personal values assigned. We strive for cost-effectiveness and always disclose costs both actual and anticipated. We are sensitive to protecting your financial resources while finding cost-effective solutions to promote your quality of life and safety.
Non-affiliated with agencies/services recommended – We only refer to agencies, organizations, services that will be able to meet your needs while maintaining cost controls necessary to prevent unnecessary reduction of assets.
Respect - We maintain your confidentiality and your privacy. We will disclose your information ONLY with your or your agent's permission to others when it is necessary.
Trust - We will not take advantage of any person or situation to promote a personal agenda.

Why Use an Objective Outside Professional?

  • We are health care professionals and experts on these issues.
  • We listen. We are non-judgmental. We are objective. We do not insert our values.
  • We are advocates for the client. Our client's desires are our priority.
  • We provide direction that enables the client to change his mind without losing face.
  • We can support the family system without creating increased conflict.
  • We can provide family members with the tools that enable them to cope with the changes occurring in a more positive manner.
  • We know how to navigate the system and get things done.
  • We understand the health care jargon and reduce the level of intimidation to the client.
  • We make sure that all health care services are coordinated and beneficial.

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