Community Care Associates Services

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  • 24 hour, 7 days week coverage.
  • Family and/or individual consulting.
  • Assessment of an individual that includes medical, social, emotional, environmental and spiritual issues.
  • Care planning to provide solutions for the obvious and anticipated challenges.
  • Coordination of services, short-term and long-term, if desired.
  • Oversight of a situation to make certain the solutions are effective, if desired.
  • Being the eyes and ears for long distance family members, if requested.
  • Develop reports that address care needs, and costs for attorneys, the court system, financial planners or trust officers.

What does a consultant/care manager do?

  • We listen to you and ferret out the key issues that are causing you distress.
  • We give you concrete practical advice about possible causes of the problem and possible solutions.
  • We provide you the emotional support and counsel you seek.
  • We point you in the right direction.
  • We evaluate your parent's situation, identifying their strengths and their vulnerabilities.
  • We find out what the goals are and strive to help achieve them or to establish new goals.
  • We offer concrete solutions and identify the potential problems suggesting possible long-term solutions.
  • We find and secure/recommended services - legal counsel, home care, nursing care, or home maintenance.

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